Monday, July 20, 2009


"Snap, Pop, Crackle" was the title of the assignment given from 3 Illustration Alumni, Robin Eley, Andrea Wicklund, Edward (Ted) Kinsella, who have all established steady illustration careers after their Academy experience. They also had the same assignment and decided that it was the best project they could give in their "homecoming" week.


We were to make an illustration that describes one of the three sounds and I chose "pop." My idea was a kid hunting balloon animals with a sling shot.

final sketch.

color study. I had two versions and the one that's not posted had a pink balloon animal, as Andrea suggested. I decided to go with pink because I was able to go a little deeper with my values in the shadowy areas of the balloon.

Jacklyn, who was one of my suitmates during the Academy program and sat behind me in Studio 2, modeled in absolutely awesome poses and expression.

There's more than just one of them! I threw it in to be a second read and to prompt the audience to wonder what more fun and fantasy would be contained in the forest.